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    How to Make Your Eyes More Beautiful – Use False Eyelashes?

    What makes a beautiful pair of eyes? Many would automatically respond with something similar to this: big, shiny eyes with thick, fan-like eyelashes. To make your eyes more beautiful, the simplest tool you can use are false eyelashes. Benefits of false eyelashes vary but ultimately all lead to the enhancement of your eyes’ appearance. The Basic knowledge about False eyelashes False eyelashes, or fake eyelashes are made of synthetic human hair. They look and feel just as real as the actual lashes. Currently, there are three major types of eyelashes available in the market. The single, or flared eyelashes come in small bulks. By applying single/individual eyelashes with tweezers and…

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    Tips for choosing the right Cheongsam

    Cheongsam or ‘Quipao’ is China’s national costume which people love to wear during the Lunar New Year festive season. Though Cheongsam is mainly designed for flattering a feminine body some of the ladies do have the perfect, well-shaped figure to carry it off in the most graceful and sophisticated manner. This traditional costume has a number of unique elements like the sleeves, collars, slit pattern, length and the buttons which need special consideration before choosing the right Cheongsam for oneself. Here are few tips for selecting the right Cheongsam or Qipao perfectly fitting them well, having all the unique elements that it should have: The collar of Cheongsam Conventionally, the…

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