• How to Make Your Mink Lashes Look Natural
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    How to Make Your Mink Lashes Look Natural?

    Over the past few years, mink lashes have been in trend consistently. These are sold by almost all the high-end brands which retail in cosmetic products. Mink lashes are expensive in comparison to the rest of the false eyelashes you get in the market. Still, people tend to prefer them more because of their natural look and the noticeable volume they provide to your eyelids. Mink lashes can undeniably be the most suitable choice for makeup lovers who always want their eyes to look a class apart. They can help you in creating the perfect glamourous look whenever you are heading out for any event or a party. Mink lashes are known…

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  • Is it worth spending on Mink Lashes
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    Is it worth spending on Mink Lashes?

    There are many people on this earth who mostly prefer to put eyelashes for enhancing their beauty to a great extent. They are such an item that can make the eyes look more beautiful and attractive. This is the only reason why more and more people are inclining towards purchasing such items. Basically, eyelash extensions are an artificial way to make the eyes stunning. However, it is always best to put such lashes by professional people. They know the actual tactics to put it. Sometimes the lashes require good maintenance and care and so it should be done from time to time. Different categories of eyelashes: There are wide varieties…

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  • Are buying lashes from online sites reliable
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    Are buying lashes from online sites reliable?

    Like every other makeup tools, the eyelash extensions too has become the part and parcel of our life. They are so important to us that like any other beauty or skin care product we do not want to take a chance with their quality. Now, with this raises a question, whether the online sites reliable for buying lenses. Well, we have tried to answer this question in the following lines. Reasons why you should not buy lashes online   If you are new at makeup and products related to it, then the biggest problem that you will face is the knowledge of the proper brands. This is something that will…

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  • how-to-choose-the-Cheongsam
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    Tips for choosing the right Cheongsam

    Cheongsam or ‘Quipao’ is China’s national costume which people love to wear during the Lunar New Year festive season. Though Cheongsam is mainly designed for flattering a feminine body some of the ladies do have the perfect, well-shaped figure to carry it off in the most graceful and sophisticated manner. This traditional costume has a number of unique elements like the sleeves, collars, slit pattern, length and the buttons which need special consideration before choosing the right Cheongsam for oneself. Here are few tips for selecting the right Cheongsam or Qipao perfectly fitting them well, having all the unique elements that it should have: The collar of Cheongsam Conventionally, the…

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  • apply-false-eyelashes
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    How to apply false eyelashes perfectly?

    Eyes are one of the most beautiful parts of our face. They help in portraying our thoughts and personality. Through ages, we have enhanced them using kohl, eyeshadows, and different other techniques. Fake eyelashes have been around for a long time. But recently they have entered the mainstream market. Women wants to try it to enhance their lashes. They come in different designs and lengths and add a pop to your eye. But it is really important to apply the lashes correctly. So, let’s find out about them a bit more. Tips for professionally applying the fake lashes: Choosing the lashes: The lash has to be according to your comfort…

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