• Mink lashes applying guide and care tips
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    Mink lashes applying guide and care tips

    At present, every woman wants to have a thick eyelash that is something they desire. Whether you need a sexy or full lash for any special events or need natural eye lashes for your day-to-day appearance, first of all you should know how to apply them properly. The mink lashes will perfectly fit in your eyes and gives you gorgeous look. Here are some useful steps to be followed such as: Fresh up your piece Before going to start, you need to wash your hands and make sure you do not have any germs or dirt closer to your eyes, because that can easily cause any infection to your eyes…

  • Are buying lashes from online sites reliable
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    Are buying lashes from online sites reliable?

    Like every other makeup tools, the eyelash extensions too has become the part and parcel of our life. They are so important to us that like any other beauty or skin care product we do not want to take a chance with their quality. Now, with this raises a question, whether the online sites reliable for buying lenses. Well, we have tried to answer this question in the following lines. Reasons why you should not buy lashes online   If you are new at makeup and products related to it, then the biggest problem that you will face is the knowledge of the proper brands. This is something that will…

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    Get to know about the myths about eyelash extensions

    Eyelash extensions have turned out to be well known makeup kit nowadays as the same number of individuals discover it as best to upgrade the magnificence of the eyes and furthermore the enhances the overall outlook. The magnificence of the face is mostly relies upon the eyes. Obviously the eyes are regular yet at the same time the eyes can be enlarged by doing eye lash extensions. The eye lash extension is a strategy in which the eye lashes are expanded utilizing proper materials, for example, genuine human hair and artificial one. Some stories and common sense about false eyelashes Volume lashes are another eyelash extension in the eye lash…

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  • How-to-Make-Your-Eyes-More-Beautiful
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    How to Make Your Eyes More Beautiful – Use False Eyelashes?

    What makes a beautiful pair of eyes? Many would automatically respond with something similar to this: big, shiny eyes with thick, fan-like eyelashes. To make your eyes more beautiful, the simplest tool you can use are false eyelashes. Benefits of false eyelashes vary but ultimately all lead to the enhancement of your eyes’ appearance. The Basic knowledge about False eyelashes False eyelashes, or fake eyelashes are made of synthetic human hair. They look and feel just as real as the actual lashes. Currently, there are three major types of eyelashes available in the market. The single, or flared eyelashes come in small bulks. By applying single/individual eyelashes with tweezers and…

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