Mink lashes applying guide and care tips
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Mink lashes applying guide and care tips

At present, every woman wants to have a thick eyelash that is something they desire. Whether you need a sexy or full lash for any special events or need natural eye lashes for your day-to-day appearance, first of all you should know how to apply them properly. The mink lashes will perfectly fit in your eyes and gives you gorgeous look. Here are some useful steps to be followed such as:

Mink lashes care tips

Fresh up your piece

Before going to start, you need to wash your hands and make sure you do not have any germs or dirt closer to your eyes, because that can easily cause any infection to your eyes and make irritation.

Measure twice and cut once

Actually, you will want to shape your false mink lashes for a custom fit. Initially, you want to calculate the eye lashes next to your natural lashes. You can simply take your false eyelash and keep it above to your eyes.

Simply a shapely

When you are shaping your false lashes, you can simply begin by cutting off the tiny portions of lashes and also at the same time you can locate back above your natural lashes after each trim to verify for size. This would make sure that you do not even cut off a plenty of lashes.

Mink lashes applying guide

Make a very gluey state

Once you have successfully sharpened your lashes, the next step is to glue them in a right place. Some of the false eyelashes are coming with gum, but some do not. So, you will always be ensuring that the lash glue, if there is no single in a package. Rather, you can simply apply a thin layer of gum to the lash band. You can simply enable the gum to dry around 30 seconds. Also, you need a gum to feel messy to the sense.

Fingers on preparation

When you are applying lashes, you can use your hands or a lash applicator to provide the lashes in such place. All you have to do is to simply look at the mirror about 45-degree angle. In such way, you can view what you are performing and also allow them to obtain utmost eyelid space for locating the eye lashes at the same time. After then, you can locate the false lashes very closer to your line of natural lash as possible. At last, you can gently press down on wrong lashes and then hold it in a place for about 5 seconds or extend it to allow the gum to dry.

The varnish touch

When the lash adhesive is getting dried, then you can easily apply a slight line of liquid eyeliner to combine that coat from the false lashes with your having lashes. The next thing is simply using the eyelashes curler to softly twist your false and natural eyelashes let combined. If you want the desired thicker, you can simply make use of the darker eye lashes that you can easily apply a single coat or two coats of your most favorite mascara.

Take if off sweetie

When you are ready to eradicate your false lashes, you can make use of the oil based eye makeup remover. This oil will break up a lash gum, so you can gently as well as safely eradicate the false eyelashes. Still, you not attempt to obtain the oil based makeup remover on your false lashes.

Provide them a home

You should also remember that you are providing these eye lashes just closer to your eyes, so you need to ensure that they are always tidy and clean. It is also recommended to put them back to a lash tray and also keep them in a package and make it clean until you need to wear them once again and proper maintenance is a important one for better look.

Let you always keep storing your eye lashes in an original package in order to keep them clean, sage and also safeguarded from the dirt, dust and bacteria. Therefore, this will highly support to maintain your shape wear after wear. Get help from experts to have a better idea about how to do and how to maintain the mink lashes perfectly.