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How to apply false eyelashes perfectly?

Eyes are one of the most beautiful parts of our face. They help in portraying our thoughts and personality. Through ages, we have enhanced them using kohl, eyeshadows, and different other techniques. Fake eyelashes have been around for a long time. But recently they have entered the mainstream market. Women wants to try it to enhance their lashes. They come in different designs and lengths and add a pop to your eye. But it is really important to apply the lashes correctly. So, let’s find out about them a bit more.

Tips for professionally applying the fake lashes:

Choosing the lashes:

The lash has to be according to your comfort level. So, the first step would be to find out the shape of your eyes. People with deep-set eyes look better in longer lashes whereas those with hooded lids look better in more natural ones. You can try a natural lash first and then move up to a fuller looking set of an eyelash. Always buy mink lashes that are from good companies.

Removing the Lashes from the Box:

First, hold up the lashes in the mirror to find out which lash is for which eye. After that, carefully take out the lashes either with fingers or with tweezers. Always hold the edge of the lash as you don’t want to bend it.

Shaping the Lashes:

You do want to shape and cut the lashes according to your natural band. So, measure the lashes to your actual eyes to find the size that you will be comfortable with. Always trim the lashes from the outer edge as it will save the other lashes. Trimming is important as you do not want the lash to dig in your eyeball or tear ducts.

Applying the Glue:

Always use glue that has been ophthalmologically tested. Hold the lashes gently and apply glue to the band. You want the whole band to be coated. Now, wait for a while to allow the glue to get tacky.

Applying the Lash:

The next step will be to apply the lash to your eyes gently. Position them as close to your natural lashes as possible. Now place them on your lashes with gentle hands. First, apply it to the centre and then go to the outer edge and then the inner corner.

apply false eyelashes step by step

Letting the glue dry:

Do not hamper the process of the drying of the glue. Stay still and keep your eyes closed for about 1 minute. The glue will dry and fix on your lashes.

Applying Mascara and Liner:

Mascara is an important step as it bonds the false lashes with the real ones. So, choose a good mascara that doesn’t clump easily. Apply a nice coast until it is no difference between the lashes. The lash band can be hidden by applying eyeliner. You can even curl the lashes with a lash curler for extra oomph.

Follow the steps correctly, and you will get the perfect looking lashes. Removal is also very easy as you will only need an oil-based makeup remover and a q-tip. So, have flaunting those dramatic eyelashes.