• what makes couple rings so special
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    What Makes Couple Rings So Special?

    A couple rings, also known as a promise ring or commitment ring is a symbol of love. It is a piece of jewelry which represents a commitment to each other. It can also symbolize that a promise is being made. The promise can be anything and usually, the promise and the meaning attributed to the ring varies between couples. Some couples use the ring as a symbol of future engagement, while others may wear the ring as a means of representing love and commitment to one another. Whichever the case, at its core, the exchanging of couple ring means that you’re promising yourselves to each other. A brief history about…

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  • The-Purpose-of-Couple-Rings
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    The Purpose of Couple Promise Rings

    It is quite often that we get to see couples exchanging couple rings or promise rings between each other especially the couples who are unmarried. The practice of exchanging couple rings or promise rings have become quite common in today’s time. The very idea of couple promise rings has been conceived from the idea of wedding rings. However, couple promise rings and wedding rings are two different things which are exchanged on two different occasions. But in this article, we are mainly concerned about couple promise rings. In this article, we are going to learn the very purpose of a couple promise ring. What is the purpose of a couple promise rings? Buy…

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  • Why-couple-rings-are-the-best-gifts-for-couples
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    Why couple rings are the best gifts for couples

    Marriage is something that people commit to after a lot of thought process and thus there are certain elements that people take up as well. Now, a ring is something that is very important in a certain culture but is adopted by others as well. There are different rituals that people follow for the sake of religion but there are some that are mandatory for everyone. Now, one person can think that a mangalsootra or sindoor is very necessary but rings are an essential element as well. There are different ceremonies that are held for ring exchanges as well. Some people often opt for promise rings and then take another…

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  • how-to-choose-the-Cheongsam
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    Tips for choosing the right Cheongsam

    Cheongsam or ‘Quipao’ is China’s national costume which people love to wear during the Lunar New Year festive season. Though Cheongsam is mainly designed for flattering a feminine body some of the ladies do have the perfect, well-shaped figure to carry it off in the most graceful and sophisticated manner. This traditional costume has a number of unique elements like the sleeves, collars, slit pattern, length and the buttons which need special consideration before choosing the right Cheongsam for oneself. Here are few tips for selecting the right Cheongsam or Qipao perfectly fitting them well, having all the unique elements that it should have: The collar of Cheongsam Conventionally, the…

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  • apply-false-eyelashes
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    How to apply false eyelashes perfectly?

    Eyes are one of the most beautiful parts of our face. They help in portraying our thoughts and personality. Through ages, we have enhanced them using kohl, eyeshadows, and different other techniques. Fake eyelashes have been around for a long time. But recently they have entered the mainstream market. Women wants to try it to enhance their lashes. They come in different designs and lengths and add a pop to your eye. But it is really important to apply the lashes correctly. So, let’s find out about them a bit more. Tips for professionally applying the fake lashes: Choosing the lashes: The lash has to be according to your comfort…

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